Reports of a kidnapping at a south Greenwood McDonald's late Monday night proved to be a hoax.
The Violent Crimes Task Force, a multi-jurisdictional unit composed of Greenwood County and City of Greenwood investigators, issued a press statement concerning the incident Wednesday. According to the statement, the VCTF and crime scene technicians responded to McDonald's, 1204 S. Main St., late Monday night for what authorities believed was a kidnapping. Officers questioned three people about the incident, and they all admitted to staging the alleged kidnapping.

According to a Greenwood police report, a man, who witnesses described as a white male in his early 20's, entered the restaurant just after 10:20 Monday night and approached the purported victim. The police report indicated the man punched the victim and knocked him out, dragged him out of the booth where he was sitting, picked him up and carried him out of the eatery, then placed him into a car and drove off.
Wednesday's press release indicated Greenwood police located the vehicle implicated in the reported kidnapping several hours later parked at a residence along Stanley Avenue. That is where investigators located the three people involved. Witnesses also said the victim was a white male in his early 20's. The purported victim was among the three questioned who admitted to staging the event.
Officials said no one was injured during the incident and noted no McDonald's employees were involved in the hoax. Investigators indicated they are exploring the possibility of charging the three involved.