David McCuen
David McCuen
As 2013 turns to 2014, city of Abbeville officials had a blend of projects that upgraded the past and will prepare for the future.
"2013 was a very active year for the city," City Manager David McCuen said. "And you know, we're really moving along with developing higher quality life for our residents, that's the goal for us."
Perhaps the largest project in 2013 was the significant completion of the Phase 2 renovations to the Abbeville Opera House. The historic, 105-year-old building saw the replacement of its asphalt, tar and rubber roofing with a standing-steel seam roofing over the auditorium and seating portions of the opera house.
Phase 1 of the renovations to the Abbeville Opera House were completed in early 2012. That section repaired the roof above the City Hall offices. Phase 3 does not yet have a timetable. but will replace the roofing over the opera house's stage area.

McCuen said the project was not just a roofing rehabilitation as the building also was remortared, and the building's cornice was repaired. The improvements would secure the integrity of the building's roof for the next six decades.
"This new roof is meant to last for 60-plus years," McCuen said. "And that's really the minimum. It can go much longer than that."
The combined cost of the first two phases was more than $630,000. Phase 2 was $389,875. The city paid $283,000 in its 2012-13 fiscal year budget. The difference was made up by contributions from the Department of Archives and History ($25,000), the Piedmont Municipal Power Association ($16,875) and the city of Abbeville's hospitality tax fund ($65,000).
A project begun in 2013 figures to be 2014's keynote. The Vienna Street electrical substation site had preliminary work done in 2013 and figures to be completed in 2014, McCuen said.