With little fanfare, the county treasurer races for Abbeville, McCormick and Saluda counties appear locked up. Barring write-in candidates Betty Cowan, Mary Shirley and Tina Shealy will all be elected county treasurer of Abbeville, McCormick and Saluda counties, respectively.
Shirley and Shealy are the incumbents for McCormick and Saluda counties, with Shirley having the most experience.
“I’ve been (McCormick County) treasurer since 2003,” Shirley said. “I was assistant treasurer from 1998 until 2003.”

Shirley said she was thankful she was unopposed by the time the filing deadline had passed.
“I just want (voters) to know that I appreciate their support and I’m always there for them if there’s anything I can do. I’m more than glad to help them. I’m looking forward to the next four years of being treasurer.”
Shealy touted her experience in banking before she began work for the Saluda County treasurer in 2002.