Johnny Patterson Jr.
Johnny Patterson Jr.
An alleged break-in was thwarted by a property owner in Ninety Six on Monday night, leading to one man's arrest.
Johnny Patterson Jr., 29, of Williamston, was charged with burglary in connection with the incident.
Greenwood County deputies were dispatched to a residence along Main Street shortly after 9 p.m. because of a suspicious truck parked on the premises. While en route, officers were advised the property owner was holding the suspect at gunpoint until officers arrived.
According to a Greenwood County incident report:
Deputies arrived and found the victim standing in the driveway with the suspect and several Ninety Six police officers, who responded to the scene to assist. The suspect told deputies he parked his car at the residence because his girlfriend jumped out of his vehicle and ran into a nearby wooded area, and he went to go looking for her.
The victim said he was driving past the residence and stopped after noticing a motion sensor light on. He told officers he saw the suspect emerge from an adjacent woodline, and the man told him the same story about chasing down his girlfriend.
Officer noted an open side door and searched the residence, determining the attic was entered as several pictures and trophies were lying in the hallway out of place. Deputies then arrested the suspect and found a pull chain in his pocket the victim confirmed was from inside the residence.