Ninety Six officials voted during a council meeting Wednesday morning at the Ninety Six Visitor's Center to hire a Hodges auto shop to repair a town fire rescue van.
Council members voted unanimously to accept the $6,014 bid of Brooks Truck & Equipment Repair. The contract calls for the Hodges shop to repair a burned out fuel injector in the town's rescue van, which carries supplies and equipment for the Ninety Six Fire Department on calls. 

Ninety Six officials said the total cost to check all six of the van's fuel injectors could loom closer to $7,000, as each of the other five injectors will run $75 apiece plus freight costs to ship them to Tennessee for inspection. 
Elsewhere Wednesday, newly elected Public Works commissioner Jay Reynolds was sworn into his seat on the three-man panel. Reynolds, a town native, narrowly won a runoff election in November to become the newest member of the Ninety Six Commissioner of Public Works. 
Reynolds brings 13 years of Greenwood Metropolitan District experience with him to the CPW post. He will serve a six-year term on the board. 
"We look forward to working with him and the rest of those guys," Ninety Six Mayor Arvest Turner said. "I'm sure Jay has some knowledge of operations from working with CPW in Greenwood."