CALHOUN FALLS — What's in a name? For the to-be-constructed Blue Hole Recreation Area pavilion, there's $25,000 in a name.
The town of Calhoun Falls sold the naming rights to the 816-square-foot pavilion to West Carolina Tel for $25,000. Calhoun Falls Mayor Lee Garrett hailed the agreement as "unprecedented" in Abbeville County during his mayor's report.
"Businesses get solicited for funds all the time," Garrett said. "The most West Carolina Tel had ever contributed to any similar project, I think the figure that was quoted to me was $1,500."
Garrett said the town approached West Carolina Tel about purchasing the naming rights. The town learned Dec. 9 the West Carolina Tel board of directors had approved the purchase. Garrett praised the board president, Lee Logan. Logan also serves as mayor of Due West.
"That's leadership," Garrett said. "To get another mayor in there that understands what it is to try and build a town up."

In a written statement, Logan tied the purchase of naming rights to wider efforts in the Upstate.
"This investment is a part of the board's strategic effort to encourage the cultural, educational and economic development in the communities throughout West Carolina's service area," Logan said. "We took notice of the efforts made by the people of Calhoun Falls to use the natural resources in their area to establish economic growth and we are happy to support their work."
Garrett said the administrative staff of Paul Gilbert, Carey Elliott and Tuck Hanna, the project's manager, were instrumental in setting up meetings with Jeff Wilson, CEO and general manager of West Carolina Tel.