Larry Benton Jr.
Larry Benton Jr.
Two people were arrested Thursday after Greenwood County narcotics investigators discovered a meth lab at the Greenwood Motel.
Larry Benton Jr., 42, of Cross Hill, and Vanessa Minor, 28, Honea Path, were each charged with manufacturing methamphetamine in connection with the incident.
Agents from the county drug enforcement task force spotted the male suspect Thursday at Walmart after receiving several complaints he was staying at the motel on Montague and cooking meth. Officers tracked him to his room at the inn and questioned the two suspects. Officers searched the room and found several items commonly used to cook meth, as well as an active "one pot" batch of meth cooking in a soda bottle.
The male suspect told officer the bottle was a meth lab and said he had been cooking it for about two hours. Agents then evacuated the motel rooms as the drug task force decontaminated the area.