Ashley Trent Ledford
Ashley Trent Ledford
A Ninety Six man was arrested after Greenwood County narcotics officers found a meth lab Thursday afternoon.
Ashley Trent Ledford, 34, of 1890 Warner Road, Ninety Six, was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine in connection with the incident.
Agents from the county's drug enforcement task force went to the suspect's home to question him after receiving several tips that he had been cooking meth. When the agents arrived, they found him sitting in the front yard near a moped. According to a Greenwood County incident report:
The suspect stood up and turned to walk away as the agents got out of their vehicles, but officers detained him. The suspect told officers he had a "bottle" - a batch of shake-and-bake meth - in his pants pocket. Officers removed the bottle and discovered it still had pressure on it and was bubbling.
Agents searched the man's home and found 4.4 grams of meth and several items used to cook the drug.