Four people were arrested after county narcotics agents discovered a meth lab just outside of Chinquapin Wednesday night.
Brent Beverly, 42, and Shawna Prince, 39, both of 506 Chinquapin Road, Greenwood, James Sorrow, 34, of Bradley and Keith Pope, 40, of Abbeville, were all charged with a count of manufacturing methamphetamine in connection with the incident.
Agents from the Greenwood County Drug Enforcement Unit responded to the two suspects' home along Chinquapin Road about 8:15 p.m. after receiving tips about meth possibly being cooked there. According to a Greenwood County incident report:
Officers searched the residence and found a bag containing several items commonly used to cook meth. Agents also found a soda bottle containing a sludge that subsequently tested positive as meth. Agents identified the bottle, which had black strips floating in it, as a "one-pot" batch of meth. The unit called in the Greenwood Fire Department and a meth lab response team to decontaminate the residence and properly dispose of the meth waste.
Agents then questioned the suspects. The two residents of the home told officers they had no knowledge of the meth being cooked in their house. The Abbeville suspect admitted to buying a box of ephedrine for the cook. The Bradley suspect told officers he was about 30 minutes into cooking a batch of meth when agents arrived at the scene.