Greenwood police are investigating a peculiar report of an armed robbery in south Greenwood.
According to city police report, the victim told officers a man knocked on his door at 7:45 p.m. Tuesday and forced his way into the Foundry Road apartment when the resident answered it. The report indicated the victim is an 84-year-old wheelchair-bound man with one leg. He told officers the robber knocked him out of his wheelchair, threatened to shoot him and stole his wallet, which contained $800 in cash.

The victim said he recognized the man from previous unreported encounters in which the alleged suspect took money from him. During questioning, the victim produced checks and envelopes to police, which he said was repayment from previous times the man had robbed him. One of the envelopes had "Thanks you $700.00" on the front of it, another had "$500.00 Thank's" written on its front. Police noted that both envelopes' scribblings appeared to be the same handwriting.