Everett Redd
Everett Redd
A Ware Shoals man was arrested Tuesday after allegedly telling a police officer he would shoot him and a town judge.
Everett Redd, 48, of 34 S. Greenwood Ave., Ware Shoals, was charged with threatening the life of a public official, public disorderly conduct and malicious damage to private property in connection with the incident.
Ware Shoals police responded to the suspect's residence about 12:30 a.m. Tuesday to respond to a report of someone damaging an SUV.
According to a Ware Shoals police report:
The victim told police he left about 30 minutes prior, and when he returned, he found the back window to his vehicle shattered and a sizeable dent in the front door that prevented it from being opened. Officers found the suspect there and noted he appeared to be intoxicated. One witness at the scene told police the man threatened to kill him.
When officers questioned the suspect, he initially denied knowledge of the incident and subsequently told police a female damaged the vehicle. Police noted several bleeding cut marks on the man's wrists.
The homeowner told the man to leave, and officers saw him stumbling down the sidewalk. When police stopped him, he got in their face several times, using profanity and was subsequently arrested. The man struggled with officers as they tried to place him in their patrol vehicle. As police were transporting him to the Greenwood County Detention Center, he told one of the officers he would kill him and his family by shooting them. When the officer warned him to stop making threats toward him, the suspect said he did not care and added, "I can only get 30 days, but you won't live past that because I will blow your (expletive) head off with a shotgun." The man went on to say he knew Ware Shoals municipal judge Helen Lisa Phillips and threatened to kill her.