LOWNDESVILLE -- Abbeville County Council is scrambling to find a solution to Lowndesville’s sanitation needs and they have little more than a month to do it.
At a May 12 meeting of the Abbeville County Public Works Committee, the committee decided to remove the two unmanned, 30-yard roll-off containers in Lowndesville by July 7.
That leaves Lowndesville residents wondering what they will do with their waste with the dumpsters are removed. Abbeville County Director Bruce Cooley said the unmanned site suffers from a variety of issues.

“(I)ncluding vandalism, theft, careless and illegal dumping, the liability to the county if harmful substances are dumped in the areas surrounding the containers and those substances leech into the water table, and complaints from Lowndesville area residents about the odor emanating from the unmanned site,” Cooley said in an email.
Cooley said the cost for a full convenience center would be in excess of $25,000 per year after a $150,000 to $200,000 construction cost.