Virginia Edmunds’ name is no stranger to voters and ballot boxes in McCormick County. For nearly the past 25 years, Edmunds has been the county’s auditor, calculating bills and processing changes to the tax file.
But this year’s election will be a milestone in Edmunds’ long career, perhaps marking the beginning of the end.
“I’ve been very fortunate to run our post for five terms as county auditor. And this one’s a little bittersweet as this is going to be my last time to seek re-election,” she said. “I try to treat everyone fairly and the same. It’s just been a privilege and an honor to serve the taxpayers of McCormick County.”

Edmunds, who filed as a Democrat, has been a fixture at the McCormick County Courthouse for 36 years, working in different areas. She spent about 10 years as a deputy auditor before she took the reins as the elected leader of the office.
It was her predecessor, Jewel McGrath, who had a big impact on Edmunds. She filled McGrath’s vacancy after the former auditor stepped down.