The South Carolina Legislature cracked down on pedophiles, passing a bill Thursday that would increase the purview of the law concerning sexually suggestive visual representations of minors.
State House Rep. Ralph Shealy Kennedy, of Saluda and Lexington counties, sponsored the bill, which he said would close a loophole in South Carolina law dealing with the sexual exploitation of a minor.

“Law enforcement had come to me expressing concern about the loophole, specifically the Attorney General’s Office and solicitors had expressed concern that, here in South Carolina, we couldn’t adequately prosecute these pedophiles who have these types of pictures,” Kennedy said.
Kennedy’s bill (H.3959), which amends section 16-15-395 of S.C. law, would expand the definition of exploitation to include any attempt to encourage or coerce a minor “to appear in a state of sexually explicit nudity when a reasonable person would infer the purpose is sexual stimulation.”
This adds to the existing text of the law, which bans a person from encouraging sexual activity and live performances of sexual activity with minors, but not the suggestion of sexual stimulation through nude visual representations that may not go as far as sexual activity.