Thaddeus Devlin Jr.
Thaddeus Devlin Jr.
Two Lakelands teens were charged after Greenwood County deputies discovered a stolen vehicle Thursday afternoon.
Thaddeus Devlin Jr., 18, of 211 East Ave., Greenwood, and Christopher Calhoun, 17, of 211 Cromer Road, Hodges, were arrested in connection with the incident. Calhoun was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle greater than $5,000, as was Devlin. Devlin also faces counts of failure to stop for blue light, simple possession of marijuana, no South Carolina driver's license, trespass after notice and vehicle license violation following the arrest.
Officers received a tip the Greenwood suspect possessed a GMC Jimmy SUV, which was reported stolen out of McCormick County. According to a Greenwood County incident report:
Deputies looked up that suspect's address and located the truck parked in front of his house. After watching the vehicle for about 30 minutes, officers saw the two teens get into the vehicle and head south onto Phoenix Street.
When deputies tried to initiate a traffic stop, the vehicle continued to travel south, turned into the Phoenix Place Apartments, and came to a stop at the back of the complex. The driver then jumped out of the SUV as it was still rolling and fled.
Deputies apprehended him after he tried to hide in a patch of bushes near a water tower at Butler Avenue and Phoenix Road. The passenger was apprehended at the vehicle.