With reports from Aiken County of more than 50,000 customers without power because of the two-day snow/ice storm, one would expect the Lakelands to be hit just as hard.
But Abbeville, McCormick and Saluda counties had about 3,100 power outages between them. Abbeville County was "lucky," with no outages Emergency Management Director David Porter said Thursday afternoon.
"We had some vehicles getting stuck, some slip and falls but no power outages and we didn't have to activate any shelters," Porter said. "We really weathered the storm pretty well."

McCormick County had the most severe incident. McCormick County Emergency Management Director Chris Doolittle said a Clark Hill man poured gasoline on a burning bonfire.
"My understanding is he had a gasoline can and it, obviously, exploded when the fire chased the fumes back up into the can," Doolittle said.
Doolittle said he could not release the man's name nor did he have up-to-date information on the severity of his injuries. The man was transported to Joseph M. Still Burn Center.