The KKK Jam is finished, but members are looking to return in 2015.
According to a new post to the New Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan’s blog, the group has decided to come back next year after having its first Jam in Abbeville County this past weekend, voting 72 to 44 to keep the event in the area.
The group will continue to operate out of public view as the 116 members attending also voted 80-36 against having public rallies.
The event took place on private land owned by the Imperial Wizard Charles “Chuck” Murray near Abbeville. Murray did not respond to a request for comment Tuesday or Wednesday.

Itineraries were posted on the website each day. Events throughout the weekend reportedly included speeches from various Klan leaders, a Sunday church service, a wedding, knighting of new members, the announcement of new realms and a cross burning.
The group claims to have realms in 21 states and two international realms in England and Brazil with the national headquarters in Abbeville.