Vanessa Stumbo, 34, of Mountville has had four births under midwifery care -- two in a hospital and two at home, with midwives other than Goff. She’s now seeing Goff for general wellness and routine annual physicals.
“Midwives have helped women with normal, healthy pregnancies deliver for hundreds of years,” Stumbo said. “I’m grateful there are obstetricians for high-risk pregnancies.”

If a woman chooses a certified nurse midwife and hospital-based birth, Stumbo noted a physician is right there to step in during an emergency.
“If you, or your baby don’t need medical interventions for birth, why do it?” Stumbo asked. “However, a certified nurse midwife can accommodate you if you want an epidural. They can help you through the birthing process whether you want no medical interventions or just a few. No two births are the same.”
Goff said even if a pregnancy is high-risk, a woman could choose to see a certified nurse midwife in conjunction with her physicians.