Melissa Seabolt
Melissa Seabolt
One woman was arrested during the weekend in Ware Shoals after police found narcotics equipment and drugs in a home.
Melissa Seabolt, 22, of 1011 Parkland Place, Greenwood, was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine in connection with the incident.
She was taken into custody at the Greenwood County Detention Center just after midnight Monday morning after being found near the scene of the bust.
According to a Ware Shoals Police Department report, police responded to a home along Cedar Street just before 11 p.m. Sunday after reports of a loud dispute going on there. When officers arrived, someone slammed the front door of the residence shut and people began fleeing the home out of the back door.
One officer remained with the house as others gave chase. The officer noted a strong chemical smell and saw a thick white cloud of smoke in the living room, and advised other officers there was possibly an active meth lab inside.
Police found the suspect hiding near a bush behind the residence. After receiving a search warrant, officers entered the home and found equipment commonly used to cook meth as well as about a gram of the drug.