Sharon Marie Wells
Sharon Marie Wells
A Greenwood woman was charged with abuse or neglect of an adult with bodily injury Thursday.

Sharon Marie Wells was taken into custody by Greenwood Police following reports by family members that their aunt was not being cared for properly.

The complainants said their aunt was a dementia patient, and that they arrived at the victim's house on May 31 to find various piles of dog feces in the residence.

They also said the victim's bank account was inexplicably in the negative. The victim was receiving an $890 Social Security check and a $596 Solutia Retirement check per month at the time of the report.

Additionally, a loan in the amount of $1,459.34 was taken out by the victim, who later told police she did not go to Best Cash Advance to obtain the loan.

Also found was a letter from the Solicitor's office asking the victim to pay $500 for three bounced checks written out to Brewski Brothers, a liquor store, as well as a letter from the home owner's association saying they towed a 1992 Camry because it did not have a tag, and a check written out to Dollar General did not appear to be in the victim's handwriting.

The complainants said Wells, the victim's daughter, was staying at the victim's residence at the time of the incident and was supposed to be taking care of the victim's financial matters.

The responding officer said he spoke with the victim, confirming she was in a clear state of mind.

She said she did not recognize the handwriting on the check, and she believed herself to be in good financial standing.

The victim also said she had never been to Brewski Brothers and did not know what type of store it was.

The officer spoke with the suspect who said she was living with and taking care of the victim because of her sickness. The suspect said she moved into the residence on May 19, after the former caretaker was admitted to the hospital. She said she was enlisted to assist with shopping, paying bills and other expenses.

The suspect said she assumed the responsibility as no other family ever came to the victim's house.

When asked about the loan, the suspect said she and the victim got the loan to pay towing fees. Later, the suspect said she had not yet picked up the car from the towing company, and the money from the loan was in Ware Shoals so that other family members could not get it. The suspect stated the tag for the car was locked in her brother's vehicle.

The suspect told police she did buy alcohol for herself at the liquor store. When showed the check made out to Dollar General, she said it was she who had written it, with the permission of the victim. The victim said she had not given the suspect permission to sign her name.