Joseph Tyler Ray Sullivan
Joseph Tyler Ray Sullivan
A north Greenwood man was arrested following a domestic dispute late Friday night.
Joseph Tyler Ray Sullivan, 22, of 133 Devore Road, was charged with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature in connection with the incident.
Officers responded to the suspect's residence along Devore Road following reports from the victim, who said a man threatened to kill her and himself with a gun.
According to a Greenwood County incident report, while officers were en route to the residence, dispatchers reported a male called from the address saying he had a gun and was going to kill himself, then laughed and said, "No, I am just kidding," before the phone disconnected.
The victim told officers she and the suspect were arguing about domestic issues when he began yelling at her. She indicated she was rocking a 7-month-old baby she and the suspect have in common when the man got a shotgun from his bedroom, pointed it at her and threatened to kill her.
The woman said she took her baby and fled to neighbor's house to call 911. As she was leaving, she said the suspect yelled to her, "You better leave or you will be sorry."
Deputies talked to the suspect who indicated he had consumed a 12-pack of beers and was feeling "overwhelmed with his problems." He admitted to threatening to kill the victim and himself as they argued. He also told officers he owned a shotgun and told them where to find it. Deputies recovered a Stoeger 12-gauge shotgun from the residence. The gun was loaded with three rounds. Officers took the suspect to Self Regional Medical Center for an evaluation.