Kenneth McClary Jr.
Kenneth McClary Jr.
A Greenwood man is in custody following a violent incident involving texting.
Kenneth McClary Jr., 43, was arrested early Tuesday morning by the Greenwood Police on a charge of criminal domestic violence.
According to a Greenwood Police Department report:
Late Monday evening, officers responded to a call in Greenwood. The victim said she was texting a female friend, and a man began arguing with her about who she was texting.
The incident escalated as the man began hitting the victim with a pillow and then jerked the victim from the floor and began screaming at her. He then slammed her to the floor, causing an injury to the back of the victim's head. The man threw the victim out of the bedroom and closed the door.
The responding officers noted a 4-inch mark on the victim's left arm, red marks on the left side of her neck, a mark to her back just below her neck and also bruising to the inside of her upper right arm.
The victim's phone was also broken in half.
McClary did admit to pushing the victim away as they were arguing and was arrested on the criminal domestic violence charge.