Hiriam Robinson Jr.
Hiriam Robinson Jr.
A Greenwood man was arrested Tuesday and faces several charges in relation to an October home invasion and attack.
Hiriam Robinson Jr., 31, of 751 Holloway Ave., was charged with first-degree burglary, first-degree assault and battery, malicious injury to personal property, driving under suspension, failure to comply and habitual traffic offender act violation in connection with the incident.
The arrest stems from an early morning Oct. 28 incident during which a man reportedly forced his way into a woman's bedroom while wielding a gun. According to a Greenwood police report, officers responded to the woman's New Street residence and spoke with the victim. She told officers she was in her locked bedroom with a male victim — who she described as a "close friend" — when she heard what sounded like someone kicking the door.

The woman said the door was then kicked a second time and the door "disintegrated, with the lower half fragmenting across the floor and interior room" as the door flew open and the suspect entered the room.
The report indicated the suspect, who was holding a silver 9mm pistol, is the female victim's ex-boyfriend.
The suspect reportedly told the male victim to leave the room and attempted to "pistol whip" the male victim as he was trying to leave. The female victim attempted to break up the skirmish.
The report noted the male victim then "fled the residence and disappeared into the urban environment," while the suspect "exited the residence with great haste" and fled on foot toward East Cambridge Avenue.