Eric Attaway
Eric Attaway
A Mathews Mill Village man was arrested Monday night following reports of an argument in which someone stripped in the middle of the road.
Eric Attaway, 36, of 709 Truett Ave., Greenwood, was charged with public drunk and resisting arrest in connection with the incident.
Officers responded to a residence on Edgefield Street at about 9 p.m. Monday in reference to reports a shirtless man was in front of the home lobbing threats and instigating a fight. While police were en route to the scene, they received further reports the suspect pulled down his pants to expose his genitals to the victims. The man then left and returned with a baseball bat and continued to yell at the residents. According to a city police report:
Police arrived and identified the man as the suspect. Officers noted the man appeared to be intoxicated and unsteady on his feet. While being questioned, the report suggested the man began to size officers up, as he stood with his fist clinched for a fight. At some point during the incident, the suspect backed up into the roadway and took a fighting stance against the officers, squaring up with his fists clenched. The man was subsequently arrested when he appeared to be trying to spit on one of the officers.
The victim and witnesses told police the man came to their home attempting to start a fight with residents at the home, and stood in the road yelling at them when they refused to fight. The victims said the suspect then pulled down his pants and shook his genitals at the victim and witnesses.
The victim said the argument stemmed from a prior incident. Reports indicate the suspect was one of four men arrested in connection with a separate fist fight at the same scene that occurred Easter Sunday. The suspect in Monday's arrest was identified as the instigator in that incident as well, records showed.