A Greenwood man was arrested after reports of a 4-year-old child walking alone and barefooted along U.S. Highway 25 early Monday morning.
Torrei Tinch, 35, of 100 Highland Forest Drive, was charged with unlawful conduct toward a child in connection with the incident.
A passerby spotted the young boy walking south along the highway about 4:30 a.m. near the Augusta Fields subdivision. According to a Greenwood County incident report:
Officers noted the child was barefooted with only a T-shirt and a pair of underwear at the time, and the temperature was 36 degrees. The boy told deputies his father left him alone at home so he headed to a nearby Hot Spot to find his mother. Officers were not able to locate the child's mother at the store.
Deputies then transported the child back to his residence in the Highland Forest Apartments and found the door open with no one inside. They began searching through the apartment to locate mail and determine what adults lived there. Officers found documents with the suspect's name on them and the man showed up at the apartment while officers were there.
The suspect said he left the child with a neighbor while he ran errands, but could not provide officers with a name, address or any phone numbers for the neighbor. The suspect told deputies he is not the boy's biological father, but has been taking care of the child for the past three years because one of the boy's parents is drug addicted.