Brantley Golden
Brantley Golden
Two Greenwood County men were arrested during the weekend after police in Ninety Six found nearly $30,000 worth of drugs while responding to an apparent drug overdose.

Brantley Golden, 31, of 106 Patterson Drive, was charged with trafficking cocaine, simple possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia in connection with the incident. Dalton Huntley, 24, of 724 Eagle Harbor Drive, Hodges, faces charges of possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and simple possession of marijuana stemming from the arrest.

Officers were dispatched to the Ninety Six suspect’s residence late Friday night following reports of an unresponsive patient there. According to an incident report from the Ninety Six Police Department, officers arrived and found a female unconscious and not breathing with the two suspects attempting to revive her. The woman had a pulse, although her skin was pale and her lips were purple.

Police noted a syringe sitting on a dresser in front of the woman and the two men said she was not a diabetic nor did she have any medical condition. Officers also spotted a spoon with a crystal residue beside it, and found a small dot with bruising on the unconscious woman’s right arm. When paramedics arrived, they told officers the woman’s condition might be the case of a drug overdose. Paramedics treated the woman with oxygen and a dose of opioid medication, and she eventually regained consciousness.

The woman told emergency crews she used a gram of heroine, injecting it into her right arm. EMS transported to the hospital for treatment. Officers spotted several suspected marijuana “roaches” and medication vials sitting on the dresser near the woman, where they spotted the syringe and spoon earlier. Police also found more syringes, pill bottles and apparent cleaning supplies in another bedroom. The items could be used to make methamphetamine. While being detained, the suspects admitted to being involved in the woman’s overdose and the Ninety Six man took ownership of all the drugs found in the bedroom where officers found the woman unconscious.

Police searched the residence and found a large bag of crystal white powder, two marijuana roaches, syringes, a spoon with burned crystalline residue, a plastic bag with suspected marijuana and cocaine, and a pill bottle in the rear bedroom. In a separate bedroom, police found at least a dozen more syringes, a pill bottle, six anesthesia patches and 490 prescription pills of assorted varieties.

Police arrested the two suspects and took them into custody. Officers seized all the narcotics and sent them to the S.C. Law Enforcement Division for analysis. Preliminary tests showed officers collected more than 6 ounces of cocaine at the residence, which has an approximate street value of $29,000, according to reports.