Several Greenwood County deputies responded to an alleged bomb threat at a Greenwood manufacturing plant Saturday morning.
Officers responded to Center Manufacturing, 161 Rock Church Road SE, just after 6 a.m. and spoke to one of the plant supervisors, who learned of the bomb scare that morning.
According to a Greenwood County incident report, the building was evacuated before deputies arrived. Officers found the threat scribbled onto a stall in one of the factory's bathrooms with what appeared to be a permanent marker. There were three arrows drawn on stalls which pointed to the stall where officers found the threat. That stall contained a message that read, "It's 7:04! Notify Someone ASAP 48 hrs Boom!" There was also a large five-point star drawn under the alleged threat.
Several employees informed officers they first noticed the arrows on the stall Wednesday. Officers and senior employees at the plant combed through the facility, checking it for suspicious items and found none. Center Manufacturing officials then decided to reopen the factory.

Officials there told officers some employees were disgruntled because a recent product line forced the factory to open for work on Saturdays. Officials also indicated there were a number of new hires recently.