The Greenwood County Sheriff's Office is investigating reports of shots being fired near the Country Homes subdivision late Wednesday night.
Several residents called 911 about 10 p.m. and told officers they heard four or five gunshots fired in the area. One resident told officers there was a knock at the front door of her home along Ashcroft Drive during that time frame. According to a Greenwood County incident report:

When the victim answered the door, she found two hooded men standing near her front porch. One of the men - who stood on the porch - had his face masked with a red bandana, and the other suspect was standing beside the porch wearing a full skeleton facial mask over his face.
Both suspects raised their hands and the victim could see the man on the porch pointing a handgun at her, she told investigators. The victim said she then slammed the door shut and ran to a window, and the gunmen were gone.
A neighbor told officers he heard a knock at his side door during the time frame, but did not answer it. None of the residents questioned by officers could identify any suspects or pinpoint a specific location from which the reported gunshots were fired.