Henry Gibert
Henry Gibert
A Ninety Six man faces charges following a dispute with neighbors during which he reportedly admitted to shooting up a car.
Henry Gibert, 57, of 110 Faye Drive, was charged with breach of peace aggravated in nature and malicious injury to personal property in connection with the incident.
According to a Greenwood County incident report, the victims heard several gunshots outside their home just off S.C. Highway 702 Saturday afternoon. When they went outside, they told officers they saw the suspect standing near their car holding a shotgun. One of the victims said the suspect threatened him as he walked away.
Officers noted the windshield and back glass were shot out of the 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora, and a front tire and rim and a portion of the vehicle under the trunk had also been shot. The victim said the car was worth about $1,500 and indicated he owed the suspect's daughter $1,000 more on the vehicle, the report said. He told officers there was a dispute about the car, but he and the daughter had come to an agreement to scrap the vehicle for the money.
Officers then went to the suspect's house and questioned him about the incident. He told deputies, "He owes my daughter $1,000 so I shot up the car," the report indicated. When questioned further about why he shot up a car that did not belong to him in someone else's yard, the suspect said, "They agreed to scrap it, so I was going to make sure he couldn't drive it anymore." Deputies recovered a J.C. Higgins model 20, 12-gauge shotgun and four spent 12-gauge shotgun shells from inside the suspect's house.