With a razor-thin budget, Abbeville County School District will continue to concentrate on people, not programs in the new year.
Sharon Wall, the district's interim superintendent, emphasized the direct teacher-student relationship as the main factor in achieving academic success in the new year.
Wall said the district is not opposed to changing. However, running on a tight budget, the district must be fiscally responsible. Thus, any new programs must be researched thoroughly, tested and proven to work before being used in the district.

Wall said the district is very data-driven, carefully scrutinizing such programs or changes in terms of whether they can actually produce student success. If so, they must be worth the financial cost.
"Concerns, always, are budget cuts at both the state and federal levels. These happen after a budget is approved and then you have to go back and decide where you're going to make the cuts," Wall said.
"We are on a tight, tight, tight budget. A shoestring budget," Wall continued.
Wall said cuts from the state and federal governments, including the sequester, make a huge impact on a budget that is already extremely lean.
However, a lack of extra funds does not equal a lack academic success, a lack of camaraderie, or a lack of passion for teaching and learning in the district.