Bryant Chrisley
Bryant Chrisley
Two Greenwood men were arrested following a drug raid during the weekend.
Bryant Chrisley, 21, of 1139 Klugh Road, and Mathew Mooney, 21, of 215 Briggs Ave., were each charged with possession of controlled substance and possession of other substance in schedule I, II, or III with intent to distribute in connection with the incident.
Greenwood County deputies executed a search warrant at one suspect's homes Friday morning along Briggs Avenue and found two men outside the residence in a storage unit.
According to a Greenwood County incident report, officers searched the outhouse and found a bag inside containing 124 clonazepam pills, a benzo drug deemed a schedule IV controlled substance. The bag also contained several hydrocodone pills - which are a schedule III controlled substance - a pill grinder, a digital scale and 9.6 grams of marijuana. Officers found a second bag inside the storage building that contained 45.5 grams of marijuana.
There was also a marijuana grinder, a glass bong and a second digital scale inside the unit, and officers found $819 in cash on one of the suspects.