A bevy of unanimous decisions came from the District 50 board of trustees Monday evening.
With board members LeVerne Fuller, Curtis Hensley and Claude Wright absent from Monday's meeting, the board voted 6-0 on new policies concerning over-the-counter (OTC) medication, concussions, proposed plans for the Greenwood High School auxiliary gym and an amendment to Superintendent Darrell Johnson's contract.
Johnathan L. Graves, community services coordinator for District 50, said the amendment - approved 6-0 - codified the 2 percent pay increase previously approved by the board for Johnson. The raise, as previously reported, is Johnson's seventh in seven years and places his salary at $156,497.24.
Graves said the amendment was also needed to correct an error regarding Johnson's vacation time. Under his contract, Johnson receives 18 paid vacation days per year. Johnson may also accumulate no more than 45 vacation days.

"That's in keeping with all 12-month employees in the district," Graves said.
The board also approved - by another 6-0 vote - a new policy regarding the administration of OTC medicine to students. Previously, a parent's written request would have to be paired with authorization from a licensed health care provider. However, a memo from the Childs & Halligan law firm said new guidelines were issued by the Healthcare Collaborative Committee, removing the requirement for an authorized licensed provider.
The memo indicates prescribed OTC medication still requires notice from an authorized licensed provider.