By far the biggest economic development story in Greenwood County for 2013 — the announcement that Colgate-Palmolive would bring 300 jobs and a $196 million capital investment to the area — is also, arguably, the biggest story for the town of Ware Shoals. 
Colgate-Palmolive will move into the former Guardian building at 5421 U.S. 25 North in Hodges. Ware Shoals signed a contract with one the world's leading makers of personal care products to provide sewer capacity to the building. 
The initial projections for the facility are 78,000 gallons a day. That will more than double the 53,000 gallons used on that line without straining the 1-million-gallon capacity of the line. Crucially, for Ware Shoals, the deal will add about $400,000 in revenue. 
"Now, there are some additional costs associated with that move at the (WSWTP), but we are looking at this as a great opportunity," Mayor John Hansen said. 

Other sewer issues were also at the forefront of 2013 for the town. Smith Street. After years of subpar water quality and complaints by Smith Street residents, Ware Shoals Superintendent of Water, Sewer and Public Works Toby McAlister succeeded in transferring several residents away from the pipes causing the issues. 
"Three of those homes had a line that went back behind their homes, split off and then went into the back of their homes that was galvanized pipe," Hansen said. "Toby (McAlister) got them off that T-junction and onto the Smith Street line, which is cast-iron. And they've seen a large improvement."