The City of Greenwood Fire Department has donated breathing equipment to the Greenwood County Fire Service.
Last week, Greenwood City Council unanimously passed a measure authorizing the Greenwood Fire Department and Chief Terry Strange to donate air packs and self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) cylinders to the county fire service.
According to information provided by city manager Charlie Barrineau, the city was set to donate 41 air packs and 117 SCBA cylinders.
Strange said the city fire department got a FEMA grant to buy 32 new air packs and 64 new SCBA cylinders. So, the city offered the older air packs and cylinders to the county fire service, which consists of numerous volunteer fire departments.

Strange said the city fire department is pleased to be able to help the county service with an equipment donation.
“Yes, we like to help them any way we can,” Strange said. “They are very limited on funding. They depend a lot on the graciousness of the public with donations and hash sales and such. If we can give them these and it gives them a little bit more time to raise more money to get more equipment, we are glad to do it.”
Greenwood County Fire Coordinator Joe Kennedy said the county has taken possession of the donated air packs and cylinders.
“We will absolutely be able to put them to use,” Kennedy said, of the equipment. “We are in need of 90 air packs for the county fire departments, so this is about half of what we need. As far as the cylinders go, they are just a plus. Absolutely a plus.”