Roger Worthington
Roger Worthington
A civil dispute in Bradley resulted in one man being arrested Sunday morning.
Roger Worthington, 51, of 109 Wren Road, was charged with first-degree assault and battery and criminal domestic violence in connection with the incident, which occurred Friday night.
Officers responded to the suspect's home and spoke to the victims.
According to a Greenwood County incident report, one of the victims said he and the suspect had been in an argument concerning money earlier in the day Friday. When the man approached the suspect to try to resolve the disagreement, he said the suspect pulled a stainless steel revolver out of his pocket. At that point, the victim punched the suspect one time in the face to escape, he told officers.
The victim's mother corroborated that story to officers, saying when the victim was running away, she heard the gun click as the suspect pulled the trigger. The weapon did not fire a round, she said.