It’s about a month and a half away from the primary elections June 10 and the race for state Superintendent of Education is heating up.
In addition to the eight Republicans and four Democrats vying to get on the ticket in the primary, there is an American Party candidate already on the November ballot.
That candidate is Edward R. Murray.
When asked what sets him apart from the other candidates as a member of the American Party, Murray said it is his experience as a current educator.

As assistant principal at North Middle/High School in Orangeburg, Murray said he is in constant contact with educators and the problems schools face on a daily basis.
“I see the problems in my classrooms every single day and I know what our teachers are dealing with. I know what our students are dealing with and where the shortcomings are,” Murray said. “So, I think that gives me a definite advantage in terms of understanding what we need to do to change the way we deliver education in South Carolina.”