Greenwood police arrested one man during the weekend who now faces drug charges following a short foot chase.
Thomas Livingston, 35, of 204 James St., Greenwood, was charged with possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine and failure to stop on lawful command in connection with the incident.
A city patrolman spotted the suspect walking near Baptist Avenue early Saturday morning and stopped to question the man after noting suspicious activity. According to a city police report, when the officer exited his vehicle, the suspect took of running toward a wood line near Hall Avenue. Police later found the man balled up in fetal position between two houses on the street.
Officers later found a pouch near the scene of the arrest which contained 5.65 grams of crack cocaine. The pouch appeared to have been ripped off a pair of gym shorts. Arresting officers noted the suspect was wearing grey athletic shorts when he was taken into custody.
Reports indicated threads in the man's shorts were torn where the pouch had been. When the patrolman told the suspect they had found the pouch of drugs, he replied, "You got me," the report said.