Power loss due to inclement weather may trigger the creation of a joint emergency shelter with Abbeville and Greenwood County, Greenwood County Emergency Director Derek Kinney said.
"Power is the key to this whole thing," Kinney said Tuesday.
Kinney said that his department will collaborate with the Salvation Army and the Red Cross on a shelter if the need arises and that his team is working closely with the Department of Transportation, state emergency management, and key officials.
Transportation to the shelter will be on a case-by-case basis due to limited resources, and will have to be assessed based on need.
Duke Power possibly will have approximately 100 trucks and 200 to 300 workers stationed at the farmer's market off SC Hwy. 72/221 East; however, they may move depending on which areas of the state get hit hardest.
Kinney emphasized that residents should not call 911 for non-emergency or non-life-threatening calls. Residents can call 864-942-8632 instead, and their calls will be directed to the Emergency Operations Center.