Lander University president Dan Ball says the school has long desired a multi-faceted, modern student center.
Preliminary plans have been set in motion that could lead to the construction of a facility that would serve as a new student center, and a whole lot more.
Ball addressed many key community leaders last week during the regular meeting of the Partnership Alliance board at Lander. During the presentation, Ball outlined his plans for the potential construction of what currently is being called the Lander/Greenwood Athenaeum.

The athenaeum, which would be built on Lander’s campus, near Centennial Hall, would prospectively be a 100,000-square-foot, three-level facility that would serve numerous purposes, while combining elegance with functionality.
“The burning need for a student center has evolved, over time, into a multi-purpose facility that I’m going to call an athenaeum,” Ball said. “I’m going to call it the Lander/Greenwood Athenaeum, because we need to talk about some needs in this community that we currently do not have.