Harry Irick
Harry Irick
A possible switch of buildings for the Ware Shoals Police Department has Police Chief Harry Irick confused.
At a Jan. 16 meeting of the Ware Shoals planning and zoning committee — also known as the properties committee — a discussion to move the Ware Shoals Police Department was tabled until a later date. Namely, the committee wanted time to meet with Irick and Ware Shoals Fire Chief Rodney Boyter to discuss the potential move.

But Irick said the proposal went on the committee's agenda without warning to him.  
"I hadn't heard about this until it popped up in the paper," Irick said. "I mean, I'll do whatever council tells me to do, but as of right now I have no plans to move."
Town Clerk Heather Fields said the proposed switch would bring the police department to the Ware Shoals Town Hall and grant the fire department the current Ware Shoals Police Department building to fill the growing need for space at the Ware Shoals Fire Department.