WARE SHOALS — The District 51 board of trustees voted to allow three Ware Shoals High School students charged with night hunting for deer, first offense, to return to the school baseball team after a serving a half-season suspension.
The students, who were arrested Feb. 28, were originally suspended for the entire season by school administration.
In a letter dated March 11 from the students' attorney Douglas L. Bell  to district superintendent Fay Sprouse, Bell formally requested "immediate appeal to the District 51 Board of Trustees" regarding the disciplinary action taken by school administration. Bell also requested that the board have a timely called board meeting to discuss the appeal.

Bell stated the students had grounds for appeal as the district allegedly "failed to follow policy in allowing the interrogation to take place on school grounds, failed to participate in the students' best interests, and failed to notify the parents or guardians of the students and request their participation during the interrogation. Further, upon the charges being filed, District 51 failed to follow its written policies concerning disciplinary action, resulting in harm to these students and a possible lost opportunity. The students officially request reinstatement to the to the athletic program of Ware Shoals High School."
After a called board meeting on Friday morning, the board decided to alter the administration's decision.