Patti McAbee loves the arts. Securing her degree in fine arts from the College of Charleston, McAbee moved to McCormick and found a hole where her most beloved pursuits should have been.
"There was just a void of arts of any form," McAbee said. "One Sunday in church a college freshman was talking to me and she was telling me her hardest subject in college was art appreciation because she had never heard anything they were talking about. So I thought about opening a storefront downtown and teaching piano lessons and having an art gallery."

Three decades ago, McAbee was steered toward the old Keturah Hotel in McCormick, and it was love at first sight; or perhaps love at first vision.
"I could hear children's voices and laughter. I could just envision the art on the walls there and music lessons being given," McAbee said. "I could just envision that place could be filled with the arts. That's really how the dream was born."