William Edward Ray
William Edward Ray
Authorities apprehended a man who escaped from the Greenwood County Detention Center for a short period of time Tuesday morning.
William Edward Ray, 35, of Abbeville, was taken into custody at the Greenwood jail early Saturday morning on charges stemming from a ring of burglaries throughout the Lakelands, investigators said.
According to officials, the incident took place shortly before 8:30 a.m. Tuesday. Detectives from the Greenwood Police Department questioned the suspect in a classroom within the holding facility. After completing the interview, investigators escorted the suspect back to the jail's booking area where they sat him down in a chair. Officials said he bolted from the booking area to a changing room, and proceeded into administrative offices at the jailhouse. He then went into a jail administrator's office, picked up a coffee cup and used it to break out a window on the front side of the center, through which he escaped.

"They came to talk to him in the classroom, he was taken back to the booking area and he maneuvered his way through the jail and found a way to exit," Jail Administrator Sharon Middleton said.
Once outside the window, the man took off his detention center-issued jumpsuit and ran from the jail naked. Greenwood County authorities spotted him as he ran unclothed past a window where city police detectives were having a meeting. Officers from the Greenwood County Sheriff's Office and the city police department then pursued and captured him minutes afterward along Powers Avenue, about a quarter-mile east of the detention center. Officials said they will review the incident to see if officers or jail personnel mishandled the situation, but noted initial indications showed no policies were broken.