From the time a couple decides to get married until they are ready for their landmark anniversaries, the Index-Journal offers several ways to let everyone know what all the celebrating is about.

"Celebrations" are printed in Sunday's Accent section and published on the newspaper's website www.indexjournal.com. Couples are responsible for posting their engagements and weddings to the newspaper's new hosted page, Lakelands Bride. This site gives couples more freedom to post information about themselves, as well as unlimited photos, and at no cost.

Anniversaries will continue to be posted on the website, under the "Celebrations" header, by the newspaper.


$70 for a 1-column photo (approx. 1" x 3") or $95 for a 2-column photo (approx. 3" x 4"): 350-word limit. Photos can be of the bride-elect or the engaged couple. All photos appear black and white in the newspaper.


$130 for a 1-column photo (approx. 1" x 3") or $180 for a 2-column photo (approx. 3" x 6"): 650- word limit. Photos can be of the bride or the married couple. All photos appear black and white in the newspaper.


$70 for a 1-column photo (approx. 1" x 3") or $85 for a 2-column photo (approx. 3" x 6"): 350-word limit

The following must be received 9 calendar days before publication date (2 Fridays prior):

- Completed write-up or form (download from website)

- Photograph (see specs below)

- Photographer's Release

- Payment (cash, check, credit card)

Photograph Requirements/Recommendations:

- Vertical digital image preferred (file types: JPEG, TIFF or PDF high resolution, minimum 300 dpi)

- Email photos or bring hard-copy to our office on a thumb-drive or disc


Deadline for announcement submission is every Friday, nine calendar days prior to publication. For example: Publication on Sunday, June 24, 2012 needs to be received at the Index-Journal by Friday, June 15, 2012. Announcements and photos can be e-mailed to weddings@indexjournal.com.

Announcements can be submitted using our provided forms or a composed write-up, but all should be neatly typed or printed. The Index-Journal is not responsible for errors as a result of illegible handwriting and incorrect or incomplete information. Once the announcement is prepared, a proof will be emailed for review.

Payment is due when the announcement is submitted. The Index-Journal does not bill for "Celebration" announcements. Payment can be cash, check, money order, or credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). Payment with a credit/debit card can also be made via telephone. PLEASE DO NOT MAIL CASH.

All information - announcement, photo(s), photographer's authorization and payment - must be received before publication. The Index-Journal reserves the right to hold an announcement until all information is received.


Professional photographs require a written photographer's release authorization.

Photos of the bride-elect, bride, or couple are all welcome. When selecting a photo to publish with the announcement, there are several things to consider:

• A 1-column photo requires a vertically-oriented picture.

• A 2-column photo requires a horizontally-oriented picture.

• Photos of couples are best when deep (top of heads to mid-belly) and vertically-oriented. Horizontal photos of couples can be used, but will appear smaller.

• Photos must be sharp and crisp. Blurred or softened photos should not be submitted. Photos printed using computer printers are strongly discouraged due to excessive pixilation.

• Photos submitted by CD or email are preferred and require at least 300DPI.

Photos will be cropped close to the head so the face can be seen well. However, if you want more to appear in the photo (such as the entire dress or bouquet), please indicate your wishes. We will be happy to accommodate your request.

All photos are safely stored in the Index-Journal's newsroom and can be picked up after publication. They can also be returned via a SASE if submitted with the announcement.

For more information, call 943-5648 or e-mail weddings@indexjournal.com. The Index-Journal is at 610 Phoenix St. and the mailing address is P.O. Box 1018, Greenwood, S.C. 29648.