As football season winded down, there were plenty of players in the Lakelands who traded in their cleats for sneakers and made the transition to the basketball court.
Greenwood High School's Octavious Morgan did that, as well. Only, he didn't exactly leave football behind.
Morgan, along with Saluda's Dexter Wideman, has spent this week in Myrtle Beach preparing for today's Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas. The Greenwood senior, who is also a guard on the Eagles' basketball team, has been juggling his Shrine Bowl preparations with basketball season ever since the football program's first-round playoff exit.
"(Defensive coordinator Tony Temple) had me out on the field the whole time during basketball, so I've just been doing both of them at the same time," said Morgan, who will play at defensive back for the South Carolina team. "I really haven't gotten a break yet, but I'm enjoying it."

Morgan, who also starred at running back for the Eagles, said he got to Myrtle Beach last Saturday for a week of preparations that involved grueling two-a-day workouts on some days. But despite the tough schedule, he said the experience has been a pleasant one.
"It's been good, man," he said. :I've met a lot of cool guys. It's been way better than I thought it would be, meeting all the players and stuff. They've been real cool, and I'm just having a great experience down here with these guys."
The all-star experience of the Shrine Bowl isn't the only football Morgan has left this season. He was also chosen to be a part of the annual Blue-Grey All-American Game in January at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Fla.
For now, though, his focus is on what he wants to do in today's game.