This little rascal's impeccably housetrained, and she can proudly "sit" and "shake" too --- the tender loving education her early foster mother invested in her made Darla a pure delight of a family dog! She's a fun, affectionate, almost one-year-old Doberman mix who exemplifies the loyal companion-dog breeding Dobie's are known for. Gentle Darla's black and tan beauty is only outshone by her happy disposition; she adores kids, loves other dogs and thinks cats are great, too. She's easy to care for and civilized as can be; able to live in almost any home setting, as long as you give her the playtime she needs, and the human commitment she craves. Come meet this young paragon of home-and-family devotion; Darla's all but done growing, however her heart knows no bounds, and she's ready to give her unlimited love to you.
Mya is a 10-month-old brown tabby with hypnotic emerald green eyes, who is an affectionate friend to all. Mya can be coy at first, and after she's had her fun teasing and flirting with you, she'll quickly thank you for having fun with her. Mya was found as a formerly "lost" cat who wandered up to a home and that person kindly brought her to the animal shelter. It's hard to believe such a cute, well-mannered and friendly cat would would find herself in such a situation! This cute little girl is spayed and ready to go home today!
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