Her owner brought in on a chain, but even then her exuberant wag was in full swing, as wide and unfettered as her steadfast smile. Chaney's a surprisingly small one-year-young Boxer beauty, with all the traits that make her breed one of our country's most popular. Chaney's ready to become a glorious family dog, come make her the guardian of your home and heart.
Her name's Prissy but in truth she's anything but; more like a sparkling love-buddy with warm emerald eyes and a ruby red heart that glows with affection. Prissy keeps a neat cat box and fits in fine with other cats and dogs. Why go to a jewelry store when you can bring home a gift as precious as Prissy? Go the the Greenwood Animal Shelter to see how richly appreciated her pure devotion can make you feel.
For more information visit www.gwdhumanesociety.org or call the adoption center at 864.942.8775