She's as bendable as a cat made of pipe cleaners, so pliable and easy to please you can arrange her any which-away; but you can tell she's real because pipe cleaners don't purr, and gentle Malibu won't stop. And after she wins the "most pliable" prize, she'll probably win the "velvety fur" prize too, she's so warm and soft your fingers will hardly believe themselves, you have to give her young sweet form several pets for the softness to sink in.
Katherine's a beautiful Border Collie/mix, and her breed's thought by many to be the most intelligent of all dogs, eager to learn and able to master hundreds of voice commands. She's a lovely, healthy one-year-old stray, completely housetrained, cooperative, polite and responsive. She'd be perfect for a fun-loving family who'll give her the attention she deserves; she'll run your kids' legs off before coming in to lie ladylike at your feet. Katherine adores other dogs too. If you want consummate loyalty go meet a joy called Katherine, and begin the friendship journey of a lifetime.
For additional information visit or call 864.942.8775 for the adoption center.