Her eyes include a rare color of the luminous gemstone she's named for -- a distinct blue center oval, with lovely green for the rest. But one-year-old Jade's determined-to-purr attitude is even more admirable than her blue-orbit eyes -- her courage to caress has returned after being left with us by an owner who had to move. Jade's warm velvet to touch and a perfect small snuggle-size -- gentle, affectionate and kind with children and other cats alike. She likes to keep things clean and neat, especially her immaculate white paws and her litter box. Jade is already spayed and ready to go to your secure loving home, where she'll complete her heart's bloom.
She's a stray from Saluda but her breed is from the Outback, now one-year-old Sophie's ready to show you how perfectly an Australian Cattle dog fits in down home instead of down under. Sophie needs her share of attention and will return it a hundred-fold; she's great with older children, loves to walk on a leash and her housetraining is in progress. Her medium size and "wash and wear" coat make her a snap to groom, even for the show ring her breed is simply wiped down with a damp cloth. If you're looking for a joyful ally who'll read your mind and capture your heart, Sophie's the Aussie-dog for you.
For more information visit www.gwdhumanesociety.org or call the adoption center at 864.942.8775