YES her name is Buffy, and NO she's not a vampire slayer -- all she'll slay is your heart, but she'll do it so gently with her own beguiling ways that you'll happily comply. Buffy's quirky too, a lovely soft 2-years-young calico girl with one tan and one gray front leg, and pure clean white on her mouth, chin and paws. She has everything to offer the ones she loves --- and she doesn't really slay your heart, she just purrs until your heart melts and becomes bigger than ever.

He's the noble young son you'll cherish, a 6-month almost-grown hound/mix puppy, handsome as heck and naturally gifted with quiet manners and a playful eagerness to learn. Duke is a family dog at heart; he's equally adoring of kids and grownups, happily befriends other dogs and cats, and feels at home inside or out. He's also a proud leash-walker and is making fine progress with his house-training. When he lies by your side he radiates well-being, enough to keep everyone warm forever.

For more information visit or call the adoption center at 864.942.8775.